Conférence: Accessibility and Consciousness

20 & 21 novembre 2015

Salle Jean Jaurès

Ecole normale supérieure, 29 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris

Organisateurs: Max Kistler, Pascal Ludwig, Alia Mroué, David Zarebski, Emile Thalabard

Contact: emilioPOINTthalabard_AT_lapostePOINTnet

Programme prévisionnel

Friday, November 20

Session 1

9.15-10.30 : Pascal LUDWIG & Emile THALABARD The Varieties of conscious access

10.35-11.20 : Michael LASSO Phenomenology lost in empirical research


11.35-12.20 : David SILVERMAN Consciousness and cognitive access : A sensorimotor approach

– Lunch –

Session 2

14.15-15.30 : Uriah KRIEGEL Phenomenality as the Categorical Basis of Accessibility

15.35-16.20 :Damiano La MANNA The functional role of blockean phenomenal consciousness


16.45-18.00 :James STAZICKER Access, Consciousness and Higher-Order Inexactness

Saturday, November 21

Session 3

9.00-9.45 : Krystèle APPOURCHAUX Should we end the debate about the distinction between access and phenomenal consciousness?

9.50-11.05 : Catherine TALLON-BAUDRY A neural mechanism to generate subjectivity?


11.20-12.35 :Michael GRAZIANO Consciousness and the social brain

– Lunch –

Session 4

14.30-15.45 : Lionel NACCACHE How ‘Phenomenal Consciousness’ can be defined as a product of ‘Conscious Access’ based constructs

15.50-16.35 : Anjana JACOB The epistemological basis of phenomenal consciousness


17.00-18.15 :Ned BLOCK Conscious, Preconscious, Unconscious


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